Barbie Kjar

One of Australia's most-loved printmakers, Barbie Kjar has had more than 30 solo exhibitions since 1995 and has work in many major public collections in Australia, including the National Gallery of Australia, all State galleries, plus many university and private collections.

Symbols arise in Kjar's work, first at a seemingly intuitive level and then at a more emotional and intellectual level. Working with arrows, owls, fireworks, tattoos, dance and Zen, she explores the connections between her own very personal experiences in life and narratives of broader cultural significance.

'People have lots of stories rumbling around inside them; that sense of history or narrative, having layers, that makes up each person fascinates me,' she says. Kjar has always been attracted to the visual language of Latin American cultures and her life has focused as much on travel as it has around her studio in the Tasmanian capital city of Hobart.