John Lendis

John Lendis grew up in Nottingham and completed a diploma in textile design at the Nottingham College of Art and Design before leaving England to travel; he landed and settled in Australia two years later. In the early 1980s, he moved from Sydney to Tasmania, where he went on to complete a BFA (Hons) and Master of Fine Arts (painting) at the University of Tasmania's School of Art.

John's work has always been about his personal relationship with the landscape or place where he lives. He continues to describe his life as being caught between two worlds - while his life in one place is a physical truth, so his emotional or spiritual relationship to another place is equally so.  His paintings deal with stories of migration, travel, crossing borders and often collide binaries such as wilderness/culture and interior/exterior. While living in England again, he still spends regular time in Tasmania and his work is as much about living between two landscapes as it is about either place.

John's paintings often engage with historical expressions of meta-narratives: stories such as the crusades, the search for the promised land, the margins of great historical adventures such as the building of Empire. He personalises these narratives and they find connection with his own life, infusing his paintings with references to earlier artists or writers who have dealt with similar themes.

With more than 20 solo exhibitions in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, John Lendis continues to exhibit internationally and has work in public and private collections in the United Kingdom and Australia.