Ryutaro Ikeda

For me, to produce an oil painting I must actually set up my easel in the physical location of the object of interest rather than bringing the object into the studio. I wish to communicate the idea of the bigger picture. I achieve this through the relationship of body and space. It is essential for me to place my body directly in the space I am painting in order to feel the "existence of air" at the site. I need to create a relationship between my own, actual, independent feelings and the object found at the site.

Putting myself in a real space enables me to synthesize all of my senses in order to reach a new level of drawing. The volume of form and space are therefore depicted evenly on a canvas in which the focus is on a single leaf. A feeling of the space and distance between objects finds expression on the canvas.

My ultimate aim is to create works that move the viewer emotionally, as if they were experiencing the exact sensations that I did in the place and time when a work was painted. For me seeing is not merely a natural act, it is still filled with the charm of the search. For this exhibition, I have chosen water and forests as a place for that search.

I am trying to make a new universality through which traditional methods are reproduced; valued techniques such as the way the brush is carried for example. I want to distinguish between to 'see' and to 'see it' by drawing from an all round viewpoint. I believe in the power of paints and brushes, and I take my drawings extremely seriously.