Tim Burns

Tim Burns is a well established painter of Australian landscapes whose work over the past decade has evolved from simple geometric colour field compositions such as The Bay of Fires series in which bands of colour suggest sand, water, rocks and vegetation, through to the recent, more complex abstractions of water, ripples and wind in the Water Reverie series of 2010.

Throughout his work, strongly textured surfaces comprised of blocky brushstrokes create a shimmering field evoking light playing across the surface of water, the wind moving through gasses or trees glistening.

He has produced a series of supremely beautiful and decorative 'garden' paintings filled with a chaotic mix of water lilies, lotuses, pebbles, colourful flowers patterned borders and shimmering pools. These contrast strongly with Burn's characteristically spare and ordered renderings of the Tasmanian landscape and represent a delightful detour in the artist's practice into the unfamiliar, a journey in which he clearly revelled.