Anne Morrison

Anne Morrison was born in Glasgow in 1966. She studied for a BA Hons at the Glasgow School of Art and at London's Royal College of Art for a MA. She later studied at the University of Tasmania for her PhD in Fine Art (painting). One of the best painters of her generation, according to international author and art critic Peter Hill, there is an ambiguity about her work that draws the viewer in again and again. She says herself "the paintings often seem caught in an in-between state. Are they in the process of evolving or dissolving?"


Moving from London to Tasmania in 1994, Anne visited remote places, felt the ground underfoot and experienced a new sense of space. The contrasting experiences gained from such intimate and distant perspectives remain an influence on her work today. Her interest in the processes, patterns and rhythms in nature, and the visual connections between micro and macro worlds continues. Referencing a nearby river delta, its fluid networks, tributaries, channels and tidal patterns, and the skeletal forms of tree branches, sea sponges, and brittle fragments of fossilized coral forms, she aims to evoke an ambiguous landscape in a constant process of transition and transformation.


Highly awarded and critically acclaimed, she currently exhibits across Malaysia, Australia and the United Kingdom. Her work appears in the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, the Royal College of Art, and she was a winner of the Canadian Elizabeth Greenshields Award in 1988.