Tasmania brings to the UK leading Tasmanian artists for a collection of solo and group exhibitions over the summer and autumn of 2011, with further exhibitions to be announced in 2012. For many of the artists, despite international recognition and having works in important collections across the globe, this will be their first exhibition of work in the UK.

Located 250 kilometres south of Australia, Tasmania and its artistic community are relatively unknown to wider audiences across the UK and Europe regardless of their artistic achievements and quality. Perhaps it is this remoteness of place and the intense feeling of dislocation that this fosters or the visceral and ancient landscapes formed over millennia of cold winds blown in from the Antarctic, that has inspired and seduced many of Australia's leading artists. Tasmania acts as a magnet, drawing them, & others from across the globe, all to the edge of the world.

Tasmania starts with internationally renowned print maker and painter Raymond Arnold solo exhibition at the Celia Lendis Gallery, 18 June - 14 July 2011. Arnold's work is held in collections in The British Museum, The Victoria & Albert Museum, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, the Musée des Beaux Arts, Switzerland and the National Gallery of Australia as well as being in many other private and public collections.

This series of exhibitions and events highlights the serious academic connection between the emergent Tasmanian artists of the late 20th Century and their ancestral forbearers; re-imagining European painterly philosophies and applying these to the techniques and practices developed in the renowned Tasmanian School of Art, artists such as Raymond Arnold, Tim Burns, Sue Lovegrove and Anne Morrison have been instrumental in forging the serious reputation that Tasmanian art now demands.

April 14, 2011
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